when you’re too far from reality

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there are times that we just can’t keep up with everything that we have on our plate, and we have our own ways to run away from it. One might be by going on vacation, by drowning oneself in fiction books or movies, by start paying attention to another thing or person, by constantly eating and drinking, by trying on new things every day, or by making stories of you in another and happier version of yourself.

None of your ways is bad, as long as it does not impact badly on other things or people.

however, there are times that you are too immersed in the fantasy of yours which makes you become too far from reality. That’s the time when you have to put another effort to balance them again, by stepping outside the coziest zone of yours and start battling again. Some of us pretend not to know about “the time”, some of us just choose to stay, because it’s too painful to just recall the memory where you had to walk on the path full of needles and challenges, it’s too tiring.

but you know, some of us would also choose to prepare and be ready to step outside their comfort zone. Thinking that they had enough time to recharge themselves physically and mentally, thinking that their past is the past and not to be too caught in regrets and just move on. Thinking that it’s a shame to stop in their most recent landmark when it’s not their destination yet, and knowing that they will reach it anytime soon.

we are all different people, from different places, have different traits and pace. Taking a break is not a crime, slow down to see more details of your daily sceneries, feel your feelings and start over later. Just by staying alive, you are already strong, and will always be stronger as time goes by.

take your time, because sometimes, time does the healing.




b i l l i n g u a l , l o w e r c a s e-d j o u r n a l

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amalia firdza

amalia firdza

b i l l i n g u a l , l o w e r c a s e-d j o u r n a l

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